Model Railway Scales

Scale Ratio Gauge Notes
N 1:152 9.42mm 0.321” There is a track gauge error of approximately -7%
OO 4mm 1:76 16.5mm 0.65” The correct track gauge at the scale of 4 mm per foot should be approximately 18.8 mm. At 16.5 mm, it has a track gauge error of approximately -12.4%
P4 S4 1:76.2 18.83mm 0.741” The track gauge of 18.83 mm represents an exact scaling down of the prototype at 4 mm to 1 ft scale. P4 contains an allowance for the tighter curves found on model railways in the wheel back-to-back and related dimensions. S4 removes this allowance, for a dead-scale representation of all trackwork dimensions.
O 7mm 1:43.5 32mm 1.26” There is track gauge error of approximately -3%
Standard 1:1 1435mm 56.5” 4'8½”

To convert

OO → O x 1.747
O → OO ÷ 1.747
Standard → OO ÷ 76
Standard → O ÷ 43.5
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